Writing from the Soul

The soul is man's innermost being. God, upon creation of a human life, instills inside it the soul. The soul is one part of our triune existence. God is Three in One, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, or triune in nature, and we are made in His image and likeness. We therefore have a body, a soul, and a spirit. This article explains this truth.


I myself love writing. I could spend hours upon hours writing about God and Jesus Christ and how merciful He is to me. I often say that I write better than I speak!

This website will not copy any of my material from my blog. It is a separate work, made for the glory of God, and for the salvation of souls. I encourage you to come by and visit my blog. You'll need to be signed into Google first. I pray you receive a blessing while you're here.

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NOTE: Since my website does not have a guestbook, I am leaving my email address in trust as an opportunity for someone who is truly seeking the Lord and wishes to reach out to me with questions that pertain to the Bible and being born again. I will NOT answer any email if the sender is a mocker, a troll, a Bible-corrupter, a staunch Calvinist or Romanist, or anyone who tries to correct me because I am a Bible believer. Let God be true, and EVERY MAN A LIAR!

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