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In memoriam of the first website ever created by the same name 20 years hence, created in 1999 with AOL Hometown software. A collection of Godly articles and writings from the heart of a born again Christian.

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The Devil's Music
Over 900, nope, 1,901, nope, 2,007 Versions of the Modern Bibles
The Lake of Fire
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Left Behind At the Rapture

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This is my 7th website. All the others are now defunct and cannot be recovered (at least not free of charge). I have learned much in these past 20 years of writing on the internet. I have been through much joy, heartache and pain. People need Jesus, but many do and will reject Him. What a sad thing.

I am happy, however, to bring you this website. It is a joy of my heart to serve the Lord, and I am humbled to be used by Him to win souls for Christ. I'm excited for what He will do through this website.

 The purpose of my websites was, and still is, to promote the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I do not publish any worldly content. I am not a slave to the world. I can spot all of Satan's devices, and I know he is doomed. I pray that God would bless, keep His hand upon, and move mightily in this website. In Jesus' Name, amen.

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Spiritual Diaries Part 3
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Drugs Understanding the Human Soul
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Over 1,901++ Versions In 1,312++ Languages? What About the Gideons?

Jesus willingly took your punishment. What will you do with Him?

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Jesus loves you, and so do I!

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