Above: CCMers Avalon devouring the praises of men and provoking the wrath of God.

The Devil's Music

Personally, I detest any music that is worldly and blasphemous to God and the Holy Scriptures. If I hear a song I used to like years ago, I push it back from my mind. I turn on white noise to block it out. I try to think of a hymn or I turn on preaching-- anything to drive those devils out. I hate it, because the Holy Ghost inside me hates it. I didn't always have the Holy Ghost before I was saved, but in the past 40 years that I've been a Christian, I have gradually hated rock music more, and CCM in particular, with a growing passion. Being born again is not an "experience", as the CCMer's claim. It is a changed life, a new life born spiritually from above. Music can NOT get you saved. Hearing the Gospel and receiving Christ as your Savior is the one and ONLY way you get saved.

Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) is a lie from Hell. The singers are the ones who get the worship from deluded fans, not God Almighty. God is nowhere in such blasphemy. There are no such things as Christian Rock, Christian Rap, Christian Metal, or any other worldly, foul noise that has the word "Christian" plastered before it just so the covetous "artists" can exploit Christianity and make millions of dollars. Famous (or should I say, infamous) anti-God, pro-Catholic musicians such as Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith are hellbound in their sins and are leading millions to Hell with them because of their music. Matt Maher is an admitted Catholic minister, and so are many other CCM artists devout Catholics as well. They have tremendous influence on especially young people, but refuse to spread the Gospel because they don't believe it themselves. Amy Grant once said that she's not looking to convert anybody, but instead enjoys smoking joints and drinking booze. Is that a "Christian" role model for your up-and-coming teenager? I think NOT. Amy Grant and company are as lost as the Devil and need to get born again just like any other hellbound sinner.