The Beginning of a New Journey

I am both honored and humbled to be once again creating a new website for the glory of God. It has been over 20 years since I first waded out into the waters of the world wide web.

I was on America Online at the time, and as clear as day I recall the name of the AOL publisher was 1-2-3 Publish. Those were amazing times. I had to learn everything from scratch, with no one to help me except the Holy Ghost. To this day there are still some things I can't do. I didn't yet know how to copy and paste, and paragraphs...

...were beyond my understanding, as I was unaware of the use of the Enter key. My writings were therefore in solid blocks of text. Ah, the infancy of an internet writer.

I will never forget those days, and even now, as God leads me on a new chapter in writing in this new website, I am excited and eager to be used for the Master's glory.

I want to welcome you to my new adventure. I pray you will be blessed as I try to be a blessing.

Thanks for stopping by.

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